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Maybe I should just come to terms that, until I earn enough from my creative pursuits to justify the expense of a regular housekeeper, my home will never be completely clean from….poop, puke and pee.  Yep.

I envision a time when I can feel comfortable inviting someone to my home at a moment’s notice, without fear of retribution due to the wafting odors and dried vomit that seem to multiply exponentially.  Yes, I know we’ve chosen to share our lives with five cats and I’m bitching, but every so often I just need a release.

We’ve developed certain coping strategies.  Our couch is trashed pretty much, covered with two drop cloths that we change and launder several times a day.  We keep a constant supply of spot carpet cleaner and antibacterial spray.  My current products of choice are Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaner and Method Antibac Kitchen Cleaner (orange zest).   Maybe I should look into buying stock in these companies… And it’s primarily Roger’s task to scoop the five litter boxes daily.  But, still.  It’s just maddening to take pleasure in the vision of temporarily clean carpet after 1.5 hours of vacuuming toil, only for the moment to be obliterated by a furball puking up a hastily eaten snack.   Grrrr.

Perhaps if I just enjoyed cleaning, I would attend to it more often.   Naaa.   It’s just not in my DNA to enjoy the process of housework.  I get it done when required, and I know logically that if I vacuumed or mopped more often, I would accomplish these tasks more effortlessly.  But I would just rather do so many other things—drum, write, experience a crisp fall afternoon walking with a friend…

If I were to glean any positive aspect from my continual annoyance with the 3 Ps, it’s the tips and techniques I’ve garnered from my coping efforts.  Which I will then pass along to a cleaning person once I’ve sold my first book.  Or sooner.

Oh….Is that the unmistakable sound of puking? Sigh.  Now, where did I place that carpet cleaner….

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