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A little over a month ago I bid adieu to the house that was my childhood home.  With my sister, Robin, we made one more trip northward from the Philly area to remove any remaining items before we close (hopefully, soon!).  After completing our appointed tasks, we expressed our heartfelt goodbyes to our neighbors of 30+ years.  And then we made one more sojourn through the halls and rooms of the house that was once a home.  Now vacant, we visited the each room and floor one more time, taking in the significance of this life transition.

And, of course, there were a handful of cats that roamed its corridors, cracks and crevices throughout the 40 years my parents made it a home.  Buried are two in the backyard, and we paid our respects to their spirits that brightened our lives so long ago…

I haven’t lived in that old Cape Cod style house in Union, NJ, since I was 22; no matter.  It was the home of my origin, for better or for worse.  I returned to that home for many years for brief visits of respite and solace—during my 20s and first marriage; throughout the time I lived a “single” life in my early to mid 30s; and all throughout the time I have lived in Colorado.  And it was the home of my parents until late last spring (2012) when life abruptly decided enough was enough…

History.  We humans are blessed (or cursed) with the ability to recall history.  My childhood home is replete with this history.  So much sorrow and pain.  But yet there were moments of joy and happiness.  Cats, though, are not burdened by memory.  They exist in the moment.  There is no significance to time—other than they’re either happy to see you or upset you’ve been away for however long—A day?  A week?  A month?  But after a little softening, they cuddle and purr as if you were never gone.  It is the present—not the past—that matters most.

With the sale imminent, we’ve come to an end of an era.  I’m not going to miss this house; not really.  The only reason why I returned to Union for so long and so often was because of my parents.  And they’ve been aging quite dramatically in the year that has passed…  I just realize that, for better or for worse, my experiences in that house helped forge the person I am today.

So the house will be sold.  As we were locking up for the last time, Robin and I gave our silent blessings to the new family that will mark a beginning of a new chapter…

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