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Cats have this wonderful way of just being—of being present to the present.  At times, I truly envy this ability.  Cats can just enjoy the cool, refreshing breeze as it whispers a kiss across their whiskers…bask in the healing warmth of the late afternoon sun, chasing the rays as they slither and shimmy through the cracks and crevices… Momentary pleasures or pains.  Fleeting as they are, but pass as they must …until the next moment beckons for attention.  Feed me!  Love me!  Play with me or leave me be! 

Cats exist in the moment.  There is no yesterday—nor do they anticipate tomorrow.  There is no crying over past injustices or fear of future betrayals.  There is no need to obliterate the present with mindless activities or substances… 

What a wonderful life lesson—truly experiencing the present.  And being both an observer and active participant in all sensual aspects of this plane of existence—the sights and sounds and the smells, tastes and touch.  In this lifetime, I have come close to quieting my mind long enough to give me hope that there is more to this corporeal reality, but I have yet to “grok” this concept—which seems so ephemeral and just of reach… 

In this sweet spot, the union of the earthly and the divine, I imagine you have the potential to tap into—or at least touch—eternity.  You get a glimpse of existence much greater than the boundaries of your own flesh, blood and bones.

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