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The last month of 2011 has turned out to be quite the odyssey.  An emotional rollercoaster of regret, sadness, irritation, hope…and gratitude.

The Monday starting the second week of December began like most any other.  Chewie, transparent as always, woke up Roger with a little kneading and cuddling—with the ultimate goal of earning an early morning snack.  After snacking all our furbies, Roger kissed me goodbye and was about to leave for work.  And, then…

He just bolted.  Chewie got underfoot while Roger was fiddling with the front door, leaving Roger in a daze and Chewie off to God-knows where.  We looked for him for most of that Monday, through the neighborhood, hoping to see a glimpse of him hunkering down…but nothing.  We were so fearful he ran too far he could not find his way home…or that he met his fate with some other beast or vehicle.

By that Wednesday, we posted a lost kitty ad on Craigslist and affixed flyers around our neighborhood.  We looked for him continually and hoped to lure him home with treats…but nothing. Was he scared?  Upset with us?  Lost and hurt?  Or…did he just prefer the life of a street kitty??

This turn of events was disheartening but not surprising.  Of all the indoor cats, Chewie was the one who expressed the most interest in exploring what was beyond that front door.  I guess his curiosity, desire and need to investigate outweighed his desire for safety, comfort and love from his hairless beings. 

Then, by the end of the first week, our regret and sadness turned to irritation.  On Thursday evening, we caught a glimpse of the fur beast just lounging outside our back door!  But when we went to let him in, Chewie bolted…again!  What the  F*%^&*$?!  Now we felt incensed and exasperated.  Ok, he was not hurt, alone or lost, and we felt relief over that.  Now he just seemed to prefer the outdoors?  Was Cheiwe afraid to approach the front door because of Sylvester or Orange Kitty?  Were we just trying to come up with answers, anthropomorphisng our ten-pound headache, in the attempt to understand the changing circumstances?  Even his two older half brothers, Junior and Blackie, eventually returned home after several unscheduled excursions.

For nearly a week, I feel asleep praying that Chewie was ok and trying to understand why he wouldn’t come back.  Of course, Roger felt horribly guilty for not paying better attention and vowed to make our home more inviting for Chewie by refurbishing the fish tank and stocking it with more fish for the viewing pleasure of all the kitties.

Well, we did catch sightings of Chewie several more times.  But in the end, Roger resorted to trapping our furbeast with one of our humane traps.  Yep.  After 11 nights out-of-doors, Chewie came home—a little skinnier and rumpled, but he’s home now.  And within an hour of his homecoming, he came out from hunkering underneath the bed and rubbed against his hairless beasts as if nothing had happened, no time at all had passed.  And of course our hurt and annoyance just evaporated into wellsprings of gratitude. 

Maybe in his mind, no time had really gone bye.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to truly and whole-heartedly live just in the moment?  One moment you’re inside—woo hooo!  The next moment you’re outside—woo hoo!  No recognition of the passage of time, and no regret for what is not happening.

We higher-level beings are the ones who suffer—perhaps, even by choice—when things do not seem to go our way, or when we do not understand why something is occurring.  If we could truly live in the now, would there be any place for suffering, regret and shame?  Would we take for granted life’s impermanence and the gifts of love, kindness and friendship?

Chewie and Junior Relaxing

Chewie has now been home 9 days.  He has had to re-earn the title of kitty goodwill ambassador….when he was gone, he left quite a vacuum and the power hierarchy among the four remaining felines began to shift…The first to melt was Junior, after a day, but Puffy and Tigger were still quite vocal with their displeasure.  But after a week, Roger caught a glimpse of Chewie and Puffy cuddling, and I have witnessed the beginnings of Tigger wanting to again play with the Chew-butt.  Blackie still keeps to himself…

Roger now owes the cats one tricked-out fish tank—the first resolution 2012!

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Meow.  Meow.  Let me out.  Let me out.  We want out! Those hairless, huge monster humans corned me, my two brothers and sister and now we’re imprisoned in this….box. Meooow.  Oh, dangly things.  Fun.  Scratching posts.  Funner.  Ok. These hairless monsters are feeding us this liquefied but very yummy  food…but we miss our mommy.   Meow.  Meow.  Meooooowwww.

Ohhhh….my tummy doesn’t feel well.  Who is this monster turning me upside down and wiping my private area?  Ohhhh….this smaller hairless creature is now rubbing my belly and scratching my head.  Prrrr….I may like this.

Allright.  It took a couple of days, but I do think it was love at first swipe.  The poor little kitty—now our Chewie (Chewbacca, the silly wookie)—had a serious case of the runs from the human baby food we were feeding him and his litter mates as part of the socialization process.  It was disgusting, but it had to be done.  And to my delight, he allowed me to “woman handle” him and get him all cleaned up.  It was the beginning of our love affair…I knew, right then, I had the trust of this wily, still somewhat feral kitten. 

It’s been nearly two years, and Chewie is socialized to Roger and me (he’s not so keen on company).  Chewie is affectionate when he wants love from Mommy or Daddy—or when he wants to be fed (which is often!).  And he’s actually quite bossy when you brush him, rubbing against you and the brush, “demanding” more of your service. 

As a king archetype and dominant, Chewie is a prime example of living life fully, yet with an independent mindset.  He gets affection and food needs met—but on his terms.  He does not need to follow you around or cuddle with you continually or even cry for your attention.  No.  He has figured out that the two large hairless ones will stop what they’re doing to scratch and cuddle the moment he graces them with his presence.  And as the kitty “goodwill ambassador,” Chewie does not need to demand the respect of the other cats by hissing and psyching them out.  Naaa.   He gets along with all the cats because it serves him.  They’re quite willing to play with him, roll around, lick and cuddle.

Chewie just is.  He does not need to prove anything.  In this extremely cute, 10 pound package, he is the personification of the adage—a reminder—of being in this world but not of it.  To express who you really are while fully experiencing ALL the gifts of this life—the joys and the sorrows. All the time remembering that this world is just a highly experiential classroom of the self, the soul.  

How wonderful it would be to be so free.

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