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Hello, 2013!  As part of my effort to lighten the mood of this blog (per the husband’s feedback) at least occasionally, this first post of 2013 will focus on a positive change in the feline household:  there appears to be subtle shift in feline relationships—as evidenced by the photo below (taken by Roger when I was still half asleep!):

Early Morning with Chewie, Tigger and Junior

Early Morning with Chewie, Tigger and Junior

As you can see, there are three cats on the bed:  Chewie, Tigger and Junior.  The significance to this is that both Junior and Tigger are sharing space in relative close quarters!  You would never have seen this six months ago.  Since the beginning of the year, Tigger not only has been frequenting the sunroom and den much more regularly, he does so regardless of which cat might also be present.  Yes, there is still a bit of spatting between Tigger and Junior , but this is balanced with a seeming reluctant acceptance, finally, of each other’s presence.

Now, if cats can ultimately learn to accept the existence of each other and perhaps live in a tenuous harmony, what does that say for the potential of us mere humans?  We may not like everyone we meet, but does that really matter?

Can’t we all just get along?

I think it’s possible.  At least I hope so.

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Sit here.  Down.  Stop.  No! 

The illusion of control.   If our felines beckon to our desires and demands, it’s only because our demands coincide with their momentary wishes to satisfy sensual pleasures… We might believe we have dominion over these beasts, but just wait until you’re out of the room…

According to my research, http://www.a-house-full-of-cats.com/catbehavior.html, cats have this limited, self-focused world view whereby they act (believe?) that the world revolves around them.  I want what I want and I want it now…so there!  I read somewhere that domestic kitties have the intellectual capacity and temperament of a toddler or young preschooler. And—unlike most human children—they remain this way throughout their lives.  Rather than wish this were otherwise—futile as it is—I am learning to accept this truism about feline companionship.  And to adapt my behavior to meet their needs while managing my expectations and mental health realistically.

So I know, intellectually, a cat might jump off a kitchen counter when I demand this of him with a strong voice and pointed index finger.  I also know that when I walk out of the room—up again he’ll jump to explore those cracks and crevices, sights and smells…  Therefore when I prepare and serve food, of course I always disinfect those surfaces beforehand.  I’ve been trained well.

And yet this seeming lack of obedience has a side benefit:  living totally for the moment, cats have this most wonderful ability to give us 100% of their attention—at least for brief periods.  The purring and the cuddling awakens in any cat lover a visceral connection to this magnificent yet vexing beast.  And then, like any ADD-addled creature, off they go to explore those new sights, sounds or smells…

We think we are teaching our cats discipline and respect, but au contraire, they’re teaching us.  Our relationship with our kitties—as imperfect as it is—is an ongoing reminder of being ever present to those ephemeral opportunities to just live in the moment.   And to let go this illusion of control over things outside of ourselves… A lesson I foresee revisiting often throughout this lifetime.

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