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How does one let go of things one cannot control?  How can we (I) overcome the need for wanting life to turn out in a certain way?

Cats have this way of letting go and living in the moment.  I don’t think they anticipate much of the future except for when they want their needs met—in terms of food, shelter and affection.  And for the most part, I don’t think they hold grudges (ok, except for Chewie…more on him later in this blog) or recall “traumatizing” events from their past.  With one exception:  I absolutely do believe that they have this sense memory and once they see the cat carrier, they know.  They just know they will be shoved (probably not so gently because of the struggle!) into this confining plastic box, taken in this larger uncomfortably vibrating box to this terrible terrible place we know of as the vet’s office.  Oh my, oh my … ok, I am anticipating because this morning is Chewie’s turn, but I am planning a sneak “attack” and a quick shove into the carrier.  We’ll see how well this goes over…

And there are the outside kitties, the ferals.  How do we stop worrying over their safety and wellbeing? The remaining ferals—Sluggo, Orange Kitty and Sylvester—sometimes do not show up for mealtimes.  Sometimes they get hurt; right now Orange Kitty has this very bad gash over his right eye.  It’s taken a chunk of fur, and his whole eye area is swollen.  And there is nothing we can do for him or any of them other than to continue to feed them and to care.  Letting go.  So hard at times…

When I do live in the moment, rare as that might be, I hear the birds chirping, the motor of the aquarium whirring, the clock ticking and all the other ambient sounds of life—rather than just the incessant ramblings of my thoughts. A sense of calm and wellbeing in a world that is ever changing.

And then I hear the sounds of a cat fight and it zaps be back to all my present concerns.  All five of the indoor cats are male.  And although they are all neutered, it hasn’t stopped the need for dominance.  I was interrupted writing this post because I had to break up yet another fight between Junior and Tigger. Junior has this way of just looking at Tigger, psyching him out.  Then there is the chasing and the hissing.  More “bark” than anything else (lol).  But once the fight is done, it’s done.  I just checked, and both Tigger and Junior are chilling, just being cats. 

I wish I could chill like that.  Letting go of the things that are upsetting and not trying to anticipate the future. Living in the forever that is the now.  I guess this is a life lesson that continues to endure and to evolve.

POSTSCRIPT: Just came back from the vet visit.  How can one small, long-haired 10-pound hunk of grudge put up such a fight?!!  He struggled, managed to get out of a locked cage (door failure; shopping list: one new soft cat carrier!), struggled some more, peed, scratched and howled his way to the vet.  A load of laundry and an application of antiseptic later, I now getting on with the rest of my day.  Yes, he’s quite the healthy two year old.

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