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Last night I dreamt about recess with a poignancy I have not felt for a long while.  I remembered as a child how much I enjoyed and looked forward to that time of abandon, a small break in my day to run, to play and to imagine without any thought to the past or any concern for the future.  All I have now are these “snapshots” from my childhood, momentary memories of running and playing tag and hide-and-go seek in the grassy areas behind the schools I attended as a youngster…

When did recess end?  When did being so serious about life overshadow the joy of just living it?

So, I awoke this morning with this rawness, this feeling that I want to play again.  I want to feel the rush of the air in my lungs and the joy heartfelt abandon.  In a way, I truly envy my kitties.  They are such visceral, momentary creatures who—sometimes to my chagrin—just live in and for the moment.  If they want love, they demand it.  If they want to chase a ray of sun, so be it.  If they want to scratch or chew, they just do it…

Ok.  I’ll say it.  Put pointer to computer screen.   I want recess, this feeling of joyful abandon.  I truly believe it is the next logical step in creating a vibrant, abundant life experience.

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